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CASL Virtual Meeting at CAL 2010

For all of those unable to join in the face-to-face meeting at CAL on Saturday, October 9, 2010 at 12:00 noon, here is an opportunity to participate in the conversation! In our CASL meeting at CAL, we will have round table topics aligned to the different subcommittees we will be forming for CASL this year. Please consider leaving your comments and feedback on these posts to participate virtually! If you would like to volunteer for one of these subcommittees, or if you just would like to share your ideas, please leave a comment!

Additionally this year at CAL, we will be launching a “letter to the editor” campaign –to share our stories and help our communities better understand the important work that you and your school library do to assure all students have opportunities to acquire important 21st century skills identified in the revised Colorado Content Standards.

If you would like to participate, you can use the template linked below to craft your letter.   Also, you will find links to easily locate Colorado Newspapers as recipients of your letter.

Template for Letter to the Editor:  TemplateforLettertotheEditor

Colorado Press Association

Lastly, we want to share with you a PowerPoint presentation, “School Libraries and Learning” with a script that any school librarian can adapt and make your own by putting in your own pictures, stories, and statistics.  Use this to advocate for your program by sharing at a school parent or faculty meeting.  The links are below.

School Libraries and Learning

School Libraries and Learning Script

We are looking forward to an exciting year in CASL and hope that many of you will choose to become involved!

Nancy White
Co-President, CASL 2009-10


One Response

  1. Thanks to everyone in the secondary librarian group at the CASL membership meeting today! It was great to hear from all of you! I tried to capture your ideas below. Please add any other ideas, questions or corrections. Thanks!

    Suzie – Arvada West HS: Tech Committee is taking on the role of integrating effective use of technology with staff. Staff development opportunities on new technologies (clickers, doc cameras etc). They created a Wiki to communicate division of responsibilities of sharing and integrating tech.

    Sara – Meadow View HS: biweekly tech tip sent out to staff on use of technology

    Reba – Sierra High School Poetry Slam! Collaboration of HS students to middle and elementary sharing student experiences using poetry.

    Phil – St Vrain: professional evaluations using smart goals for improving practices. Smart goals on a wiki so everyone can share and see other goals. Uses a smart pen which records everything you write and is downloaded as jpgs using usb connection. $169.00 at Target. Seeking High Performance Power Librarians to share on a panel for one of their staff dev. days.

    Mark – Skinner HS – Golden Compass pulled off shelve at middle school by librarian. School Board supported the pull of the book based on religious beliefs without reading the book – Board rescinded the decision.

    Yvonne Sagewood MS: Collaboration with CU Medical students and 7th graders completing an iSearch on diseases. Great opportunity for both the middle school students and CU med students!

    Questions –

    How do we preserve school librarians? Some districts are putting classified staff in libraries expecting them to teach.

    State Law dictates what paraprofessionals can and cannot do. Su will add link to law on the blog.

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