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Save Aurora Libraries Campaign

This post is on behalf of Karen Middleton and Aurora Public Libraries.

Did you know that without the GID (General Improvement District), Aurora will be  forced to close libraries and to lay off 50% of its staff, causing a sharp cut in their programming and materials fund?

Please visit these sites to learn more  about the ballot isue and to see how you can get involved. http://www.saveauroralibraries.com/ 

The August 15th Kickoff Event invitation:

The open Facebook site for campaign supporters/volunteers:

More facts:  http://www.saveauroralibraries.com/Campaign_InfoSheet.pdf

Please join us for the official Campaign Kick-Off to “Save Aurora Libraries”

 Saturday, August 15

6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

At the home of
Bill and Debi Holen 573 Quentin Street
Aurora, CO

Come show your support and learn how you can get involved!

 Contributions welcome

RSVP   campaign@saveauroralibraries.com or 303-350-8869


Thank you for your support and involvement.

Susan Gilbert, CASL President


2 Responses

  1. Why can’t we merge the Aurora libraries into the Arapahoe system? They seem to know what to do and how to get it done. They have many branches, already honor Aurora cards and are open when people want to go there.

    If the ballot issue passes as written, there is no control on increased costs (heck, they even use 2009 numbers, not even estimates for 2010 and beyond) and the same folks who are running Aurora into the ground will be the Board of Directors?

    This is a poorly written GID issue and if it passes we (Aurora citizens) will all be sorry in a year or two, when costs have increased, tax revenues have dropped even further and the library district is raising its levy to 6, then 7, then 8% or more to generate the “guaranteed” budget called for in this measure.

    Nice try- use some brains and merger with a winner!

  2. This has already been proposed, and (understandably) rejected by the Board of the Arapahoe Library District. It would require a vote of all citizens who are currently paying into the Arapahoe Library District – if they were to merge with City of Aurora citizens who don’t currently pay into ALD, it would result in a net loss for ALD’s current citizens due to the lower property values in Aurora. FYI – ALD currently receives $103.22 annually per capita for their library system, in stark contrast to the $19.57 the Aurora library system currently receives (also in stark contrast to the $68 annually per capita that is proposed under the GID.) It is important to keep in mind that even should the scenario above occur (property tax values falling and mill levy rate adjusting to compensate) – the *most* that would be collected per month would be $5.69 on a 200,000 home (most homes in Aurora are valued at less than this.) Anything more than that would only occur in future years due to inflation and property taxes rising – and this would be capped annually and tied to the Consumer Price Index. Additionally, if the GID does not pass, ALD has been clear that they will not be able to handle the overflow of Aurora’s citizens when 4 Aurora libraries close. Discussions are currently underway at ALD about limiting access to ALD libraries’ collections and services to City of Aurora citizens, should the GID fail. As one ALD customer put it, “if you don’t want to pay for your libraries, that’s not our problem.”

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