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Power Grants RFP Released

The 2009 POWER RESULTS Enhancing Education through Technology (EETT) Request for Proposal is now available.  I know that many of you will be on vacation but we wanted to get this out to you so you could start the process of considering how you might develop a proposal.  We had hoped to get this to you earlier in June but there were many clarifications that we had to receive from the US DOE and those were not provided until late last week.

I am also attaching the budget

Both the RFP and budget documents are available on the CDE site and on the CDE-ETIL wiki:

Below are a few changes from last year’s RFP and highlights of this year’s RFP that may be of interest but you will want to read over the entire document.

Due date is September 16, 2009 

Eligible Districts: see attachment C in the document

Implementation period – Sept 30, 2009-June 30, 2011 (page 3)

Includes ARRA funding and regular FY 2009 funding – Total is ~ $4.7 million.  NOTE: This RFP will serve as the application to distribute competitive ARRA and regular FY 2009 funds. 

Targeted focus area is  “Building and Sustaining Technology Rich 21st Century Classroom Focus (page 4)

In a few weeks we will provide some additional information and discussions on this focus area that may be helpful to some of you. (see attachment B). 

Grant awards (page 5)

From last year’s RFP we have:

  • increased the individual district grant to $100,000
  • added a “large district” grant amount of $150,000 for districts with more than 3,000 students
  • increased consortium grant (2 or more districts) amount to $200,000

ARRA Reporting Requirements (pages 5-6) 

Reporting requirements associated with the ARRA funds could be significant and includes the submission of quarterly reports       

Use of Funds (page 7)

We have included the minimum requirement set forth in Title IID that 25% of the funds support ongoing, sustained, intense and high quality professional development.  Last year we had set this at 55%.  Other allowable expenses have not changed.

ARRA Framing Questions for Decision Making (page 15)

We have added a required Component II in the grant review rubric addressing the ARRA framing questions.  There are no “points” in the RFP rubric for this component but it is required for the ARRA funds. See attachment C for the complete ARRA alignment rubric.

Again, note that we have set the due date for the RFP to be September 16, 2009 so that all districts will have adequate time to develop a proposal and still allow funds to be available to impact the 2009-10 school year.

Lynn Bamberry and I will be available by e-mail and phone if you have any questions.  I will also be available at the CASE conference in late July.  Later in the month I also hope to schedule some online question and answer sessions but please feel free to contact me if you have questions at:

Dan Morris, morris_d@cde.state.co.us, 303-229-8301

Dan Morris
Colorado Department of Education
Director, Educational Technology and Innovation


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