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Show Off Your Library: 2/27 and 3/2

CAL lobbyists, Jerry Braden and Ruben Valdez, have arranged for a meeting with the Colorado House Education Committee to heighten the awareness of school librarians and their key role with student achievement and success.

As our State Legislators will be in their districts on Friday, February 27th and Monday, March 2nd, won’t you invite them to visit your school libraries??

Many of our law makers have not been in a school library since their own scholastic experiences, so it is time for us to share our programs and our success’. What better way to gain attention for your collaborative instructional program than to host a visit from your legislator? Remember, a picture–or even better, an experience–tells a thousand words. What better way for your legislator to show the community s/he cares than to visit your school? It’s a win – win situation!

Before your enthusiasm for the project jumps ahead of traditional protocols, please make sure your administration supports you in this effort.

Also, plan ahead with stories and personal experiences to share. If nothing else, be familiar with statistics from LRS and be ready to relate that CSAP reading scores tend to run 18% higher in 4th grade and 10-15% higher in 7th grade with ample budget for resources, access to technology, and an endorsed school librarian.

Find your legislators’ contact info here.
Let us know your successes and how we can help!


3 Responses

  1. While we are all aware that Dr. Seuss’ birthday is also on March 2nd, make sure you invite your legislators to see you in your collaborative instructional role.

    While cake and read alouds is great fun and a legislator might be thrilled to read Horton Hatches the Egg to your kiddos, make sure you highlight how you truly contribute to student achievement and success.

    su eckhardt, Past-President, CASL

  2. This is something worth watching from the ALA Midwinter Conference. Stephanie Vance is talking about advocacy and the importance of including your legislators.


    Susan Gilbert

  3. Tell us how it went!

    Please report your invitations to show of your library. Let in on what went well and what didn’t:

    If you received a legislator visit, share your successful effort with the rest of us.

    If your representative could not visit, but you were able to make a positive contact, share that information too.

    This was 2009’s first advocacy event. Feedback will help all of us.

    su eckhardt, CASL Past-President

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