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New Year Wishes for School Librarians Everywhere!

Many thanks to Gerald Brown, of the International Association of School Librarianship, for sharing this list of wishes for the new year. I added a few of my own – and please feel free to add yours (comment!)

“I wish you a day of ordinary (library) miracles and little things to rejoice in.

Eight hands that go up to request the title you’ve just book talked.
A computer that goes for an entire day without crashing.
A less-than-successful baking experiment taken to the teachers lounge, gratefully eaten before 10 am.
A child asking for another book “just like this one.”
A software installation that does not cause another program to crash.
A parking spot close to the school door.
The principal saying a sincere thank-you.
An unexpected larger amount on your paycheck or a smaller amount on your mortgage payment.
A new book just published by your favorite author.
A student who is actually concerned about the quality of his work.
A dozen doughnuts as “thanks” for service above and beyond the call.
A quick and pleasant response from a technician.
A kid who wants to help you.
A human voice on the phone when you expected a recording.
A student who wants to become a librarian when she grows up.
A chance to show a tech-tip to a teacher who thinks you are a “guru.”
A library with windows and sunbeams in the winter.
A request to use the library for a meeting because ” it is the nicest room in the school.”
A smile of accomplishment from a student who shows you how to do something on the computer.
A quickly-answered reference question asked by a teacher.
A library aid you like and who likes you.
A student so absorbed in a book, he doesn’t hear the bell ring.
A call from a parent about a lost book found while cleaning.
A student who wants to hold your hand.
Students who give genuine praise to each other.
A small space of time to read for pleasure!

Teachers who are excited to collaborate with you.
A parent who sings your praises to the administrators in your school or district
A former student who stops you in the mall to tell you what a difference you made in their life.

What strikes me as I read this list of “ordinary” miracles, is how we, ourselves, often make them happen. It is by treating others well that good is returned to us.”

Wishing you these and many more miracles in 2009!


One Response

  1. Nancy,

    Thanks for the list. As I read it, I kept thinking my item on the wish list would be time and there is was at the end!

    I’d also like and appreciate:

    a quiet moment to think and reflect,
    more “memory” for my memory,
    48 hours in a day,
    a resurgence of my energy to read to go along with my desire,
    for eveyone to know how much I love and appreciate them!
    “Followers” on my blog at cmasson50.blogspot.com (just added the gadget)

    Happy New Year to all! and may the wind stop already!!!!!

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