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New to CASL, New to School Libraries

CASL Virtual Meeting
November 21, 2009 12:00 : Live Meeting @CAL!
Can’t attend? Leave us your comments below in response to this topic and the following questions:

  • What are you doing as a newbie?
  • What questions do you have?
  • How can CASL provide assistance?

3 Responses

  1. In our roundtable discussion we talked about many questions and concerns for those of us new to the profession and/or to CASL.

    We discussed the relationship between CAL and CASL, and how your membership in CAL can automatically include the CASL association without an additional fee when you just mark your preference on the application. We also talked about the relationship between CASL and TIE, that the CASL Preconference at TIE will be an annual event, and the that the goal is to continue to improve and expand the partnership between the two organizations.

    The CASL listserv at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/caslcommunity/ was promoted as a way to stay connected and to learn about grants, professional development opportunities, job openings, and for general information about issues that are impacting school libraries in Colorado and around the nation.

    The Colorado School Librarians Ning at http://teacherlibrarian.ning.com/group/coloradoschoollibrarians/ and also the new Power Libraries Ning at http://powerlibraries.ning.com/ were also suggested as great ways to network with other librarians to share ideas, ask questions, and get support.

    We also talked about the accountability and mentorship provided by participating in the Power Library program as a way to advance your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

    Overall, the “newbies” were encouraged that the more they invest into the CASL organization, the more they will get out of it.

  2. I am a new para-librarian (OR nurse of 15 years attended CU in Denver nursing program) now a para-librarian at the Ridgway secondary school. Are there any courses a para may take to familiarize themselves with the 21st century issues a librarian has at a secondary school. Also, our school is very rural, with limited space so we use many databases for our research and information sharing. What are some good online or face-to-face courses I may take to expand on what we all ready have. I use WorldCat and the EBSCO databases but feel I am only scratching the surface.

    Teri Williams, RN,BSN,CNOR

  3. Have you seen the School Library 101 course at http://www.clicweb.org/continuing_education/tutorials/SchoolLibrary101/SchoolLibrary101Frame.html from the Colorado Library Consortium? Also, Alan Kirkpatrick from the School of Journalism at University of Colorado at Boulder offers a workshop on the Invisible Web, free database of information available on the Internet. Check out the links he has posted at http://www.colorado.edu/journalism/ojt/gj/. Web Junction is another place you can go for ideas and take online courses at http://www.webjunction.org/.

    I’m sure there are other people out there with more suggestions for you. Please join in!

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