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Elementary School Librarians

CASL Virtual Meeting
November 21, 2009 12:00 : Live Meeting @CAL!
Can’t attend?  Leave us your comments below in response to this topic and the following questions:

  • What are you doing?
  • What questions do you have?
  • How can CASL provide assistance?

One Response

  1. From Molly Gibney:
    In our discussion group, we felt as though the following topics were the most-pressing issues facing elementary school librarians:

    #1 – Job Security
    In light of economic woes, job security at the elementary level is a huge issue. We recognize that the integration of technology into our jobs provides a level of job security, but we don’t want our entire jobs to be the “computer fixer”. How can we strike that balance?

    #2 – Lesson Plan Bank for School Librarians
    We really wish that CASL or CDE would compile a bank of online lesson plans for school librarians. We know that this exists in other states (Georgia and Kansas), so why not in Colorado? Also, there are several school districts that have these available. Why can’t we make these available to all school librarians in our state?

    #3 – Enforcement of Standards at the State Level
    Why are there not certain standards for school libraries that must be met by ALL schools in the state of Colorado in order to receive accredidation? We want CASL to meet with CDE in order to decide these commonalities and then enforce that all schools meet them! This would better protect our jobs and make school libraries across the state stronger.

    #4 – Conference issues
    The CAL Conference this year offered many more workshops for school librarians. HOWEVER, often the workshops were at the same time which made it difficult to attend all of them. Can we spread them out better? There is a desire for more workshops about Power Libraries and from the Durango Libraries presenters. We also wish that there had been more workshops and less break time!

    #5 – Power Libraries
    CASL really needs to talk Power Libraries to the smaller schools and districts in order to bring them on board. there is still a lot of confusion as to the benefits of this program.

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