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21st Century Learner Standards

CASL Virtual Meeting
November 21, 2009 12:00 : Live Meeting @CAL!
Can’t attend? Leave us your comments below in response to this topic and the following questions:

  • What are you doing with the new standards?
  • What questions do you have?
  • How can CASL provide assistance?

6 Responses

  1. […] AASL 21st Century Learner’s Standards […]

  2. 21st Century Standards Group discussion at the 2008 CAL Conference

    How are you using the new standards in your library? Share with us your lessons or beginning poster. We would love to see your ideas! Also log onto the CAL Conference website and look up the 21st Century Standards session (Saturday) given by Nance Nassar and Sherry Crow they posted a lesson/collaboration sheet that will help you.

    The following are thoughts and/or comments that were shared. As you see we had a wonderful discussion, lots of ideas, and all of us can use more information.

    • We need more instruction on the standards giving us baby steps and building upon that.
    • What will the new 21st Century Standards poster look like? We had a fabulous 9 standards poster…..
    • How do the new standards intertwine with Information Literacy?
    • Is the state going to adopt the new standards?
    • What can I do to infuse these standards:
    • I need to learn the standards before I start teaching them
    o Could we obtain college credit for learning the standards? Online maybe?
    • Metro State January 30 – 31… largely attended event could there be a beginning standards session and then offer an intermediate level standards session?
    • Could someone show us lessons with the new standards?
    • How about offering Critical Thinking and the 21st Century Standards class or session?
    • Is the 21st Century Learner bigger than us?
    • Will there be a marketing campaign in Colorado for the new standards?

    Thank you and keep posting! Jo

  3. The new AASL 21st Century standards are transdisciplinary. They are learning standards for all content areas. I find that most of the Language Arts standards are skill based. They are the process standards that we try to bring to research and communication. They are at the lowest level of Bloom’s taxonomy. The 21st century standards are thinking based. They are on the higher end of Bloom’s taxonomy. I like the breakdown of Skills, Dispositions, responsibility, and Self assessment. When I teach a lesson I focus on one standard with a benchmark from each sub level. If I choose Standard 1then I will choose one skill, one disposition, one responsibility, and one self assessment to focus on. Though many other benchmarks are addressed in the lesson, I try to emphasis just these. This helps me learn them and keeps me from doing too much in one lesson.

  4. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for sharing and I agree with you! The new standards make users use critical thinking skills. I focus on one or two standards at a time and one or two skills per lesson.

    Has anyone had time to look at the LMC Oct/Nov issue that showed a Collaboration Document by Carl Harvey? When I saw it, I thought this could be the beginnings of a poster for us. I also liked using it for a collaboration document with teachers. Take a look and let me know what do you think?

  5. Having looked at the new CO P-12 Content standards, I am interested in understanding more about how the embedded technology standards and 21st learner AASL standards connect together. At the CDE “Standards Galore!” workshop, one of the participants in my session said that she had seen a document that “someone” had posted “somewhere” that connected specific 21st learner AASL standards with specific CO P-12 Content Standards. I haven’t been able to locate anything like this. Can anyone help me with finding such a document? Thanks!

  6. Susan, Such a document does exist, I was a part of a group of school librarians in Colorado that worked on enhancing the 21st century skills sections of the new standards when they were still in draft form. We did an alignment with AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner in Science, Reading, Writing & Communicating, Social Studies, Math, and Music. Alas – none of our work made it in to the final versions, but we will be pulling that together to share with school librarians in Colorado. Perhaps we can add this to our CASL Spring Workshop as a breakout session.

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