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Moving Forward with 2.0 – AASL09 Needs You! by Nancy White

Some time has passed since the highly successful and motivational Kick-off to TIE CASL Preconference. For certain, many of you made resolutions to continue your learning with Web 2.0 and find ways to use some of the wonderful tools in your library program and collaborations with teachers in the coming year.  As you probably are aware, this takes a significant investment in time.  The best way that I know to learn these tools is to use them personally – for something that interests you. Sharing family photos, transforming a neighborhood newsletter into an interactive blog, using a wiki to help organize your child’s sport team, or sharing your voice on a topic you are passionate about  on a personal blog are all great ways to do this.

So – how are you doing? What help do you need? I remember feeling overwhelmed by it all initially. I was only able to manage one or two new tools at a time. But I kept at it, and before I knew it, my colleagues were looking to me as an “expert” on 2.0 – far from the truth, I assure you!  However, I have found a good deal of satisfaction from being able to use these tools and help teachers use them with kids – to help them transform learning through these the creative, motivational and collaborative experiences.

Now, there is another reason to continue your Web 2.0 learning.  Joyce Valenza has just blogged a call to action for the 2009 AASL conference. How many of you attended NECC or BLC? I was not able to attend, however through my knowledge of the “backchannels” of these conferences, I felt like I was able to attend virtually. The conversations – even in these virtual settings – are rich and thought provoking.  Joyce thinks it is high time that our library conference offer the same kind of experiences. I agree. Will you join me? Can you blog, live blog, podcast, twitter or uStream?  As Joyce states, it will take a small army of volunteers to make this happen. We can do it!


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