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Professional Development for School Librarians

It’s in the air…that feeling of springtime, refreshing and renewing.

What opportunities are you seeking for professional renewal?

Have you attended the TIE conference recently?  Did you know that CASL is partnering with TIE this year to bring you a full day preconference (in lieu of a ‘CASL Spring Workshop’) on June 23?  Find details and registration info at http://www.cal-webs.org/associations2.html#1

And, it’s time to submit programs for the November 7-9 CAL conference.  What innovative ideas are out there?  Let’s get those people to propose programs that appeal to school librarians at www.cal-webs.org


One Response

  1. I support the message of this post whole heartedly! As a “cybrarian”, an”integrated library technology educator”, or whatever your think encompasses your responsibilities today, we need to be first to step up to the plate and make those presentations that are so needed in our professional world. Then we need to encourage and enable our staff (direct or dotted line) to take that risk and offer their stories of success and failure so that others can benefit. I include failure here because I believe more is learned through our failures many times than through our successes. And not only will others benefit, you will too!

    As managers we need to create marketing efforts to encourage our staff to make that commitment, provide the substitute pay and/or extra duty pay to enable these opportunities when school budgets are not available. We also need to mentor opportunities for growth in preparation for presentations.

    Perhaps many feel they have nothing to contribute. But everyone does. Brainstorm possible topics that come to mind and then go out there and do the research and put together the presentation. Ask a colleague to collaborate with you and share in the spotlight. The best presentations are those that share the real stories from the trenches and we all have them. We just need to put them in an organized format. What are your stories, your students stories. We all want to hear them!

    You’ll be energized and refreshed! Attend TIE and CAL. Make a presentation at CAL this year and both conferences next year. It is a wonderful experience and opportunity.

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