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“A Vision of K-12 Students Today” with comments by Nancy White

This You Tube video, written and produced by B. Nesbitt, was shared at a CASL Board Meeting recently by CASL President, Su Eckhardt. What does this have to do with school librarians, you ask? Here is my humble opinion. I think that school librarians are perfectly positioned to begin to make the changes needed to bring schools more in line with this kind of vision – to better meet the needs of students just like those depicted in this short film. Through leadership in professional development in our schools, and through collaboration to create learning experiences that engage students in real-world tasks and problem solving, using the incredible tools that exist on the Web today, we can start chipping away at the 20th century, designed-for-factory-automation model of teaching and learning. What do you think?


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing the video, Nancy! I think it has an impact similar to that of Karl Fisch’s “Did You Know” – and I hope it ends up being shared just as often! I agree with your comments about how school librarians’ potential to assist both students and staff into a different vision of learning.

  2. Thanks, Nancy. Very compelling — I will share it with my staff.

    I agree, librarians are in a position to take the next steps toward serving our digital learners better. In addition to finding ways to keep up with all the new technologies (have you seen the California school librarians’ association’s online class?) — we need to educate ourselves and find/develop resources to help us teach critical thinking. It’s more than just a checklist to help determine if a website is valid (which is helpful) — but a whole way of thinking about information and the world that most of us are not prepared for.

  3. Thanks, Nancy, for sharing this great YouTube video! Interestingly, I just spent all day last week with a bunch of classroom teachers, school librarians, and technology teachers learning about digital storytelling. This video couldn’t have been more appropriate! I’m actually going to share it with my classmates. As librarians, we do have a challenge to carry the teachers with us to the next digital level. It is our duty and responsiblity…. as much as it may scare many of us! If we don’t do it, who will???

  4. You are so right on, all of you. We need to take this video as an opportunity to share students’ thoughts and ideas with our colleagues and make sure we are not the anchor attempting to holding the future in one place.

    Let’s begin the conversations now and be the force for moving our faculty into the current so we can be next to or at least behind our students supporting them in their future. Progress never stood still for the reluctant or the un-ready!

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