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Big Ideas at AASL, by Nancy White

Today is officially only Day 2 of the AASL conference, and there is an energy in the air.  Web 2.0 seems to be the buzzword and everyone wants to figure out how to use “2.0” tools and technologies effectively to help improve student learning  – to provide the kind of educational reform suggested by the terms “Library 2.0” and “School 2.0.”  Daniel Pink’s keynote address was inspiring.  He may have thought that he wrote his book, A Whole New Mind, for the business community, but he learned through the energy of the audience that the “Conceptual Age” has been dawning in school libraries for many years. We understand the importance of Play, Design, Symphony, Story, Empathy,  and Meaning. Through helping kids make connections and good instructional design, we work side by side with teachers to provide the kind of inspiring learning experiences that will allow students to thrive in the 21st century by helping them to develop these key “senses.”

There is a large group of Colorado educators attending AASL. I challenge you to blog about some of your experiences at AASL –share the big ideas that you will take home and implement in your schools!


One Response

  1. On my return flight from Reno to Denver, I chatted with a librarian from Boulder Valley School District who told me what she had learned at the conference that would be immediately applicable to her situation. Again I was reminded that even at a “big ideas” conference, you do pick up many “little ideas” that you can try out your first day back on the job.

    Since I no longer work in a school, I decided to try the same tactic with a single Web 2.0 tool. I’ve been hearing about the free online bookmarking service called del.icio.us for at least a year, and I finally got around to trying it. Easy to sign up. Easy to download. Easy to use. And now I finally “get” tags. I can type in a keyword or keywords for every site I think I’ll want to visit again, and when my bookmarks climb to hundreds of sites, I’ll still be able to find them by searching on a keyword. I’ll also be able to find them from any computer – in hotels, at school, at home, at the public library – anywhere, anytime. I knew that, but now I “get” it.

    The real surprise was being able to click on a tag and go to sites bookmarked by other people interested in the same stuff because our tags matched. That’s where the fun and learning really begin. I hope this comment will give someone else the courage to try del.icio.us.

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