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Summer Preparations, by Su Eckhardt

This summer, I will not wait until the last weeks before fall to get my teaching files in order and ready to go back to work.
• This summer, I am going to find someone outside of my library, school district, work setting, or building with which to connect so we both can benefit through shared best practices, information, and knowledge.
• This summer, I will make sure an hour a day is spent focusing on integrating more technology with the classes I teach.
• This summer, I will finally go through all those boxes of valuable files, conference prizes, and copies of handouts from workshops to recycle, use, file, or scan so I will know where to find them should the need arise.If you can relate to any of the above, you are not alone. Many of us face the same challenges yet we still wake up one day in August to the realization that the summer is almost over and the list of goals is yet to be accomplished.

Use the CASL Blog and Yahoo Groups to help you arrive at some of your goal destinations. Make connections, share ideas, or find out new ways to integrate technology. Join us this summer! And, while you are at it, ask a peer to join us too! CASL membership is growing through word-of-mouth and plans for additional opportunities for professional development. Tell others about CASL, the Blog, and our Yahoo Group. These connections are only as valuable as the people who contribute and/or use them, so get busy!

My contribution is a fun thing pointed out to me on YouTube by an autism specialist during the Web Camp I attended last week:

Thompson Gale is sponsoring a video contest for librarians and library users. The grand prize is $10,000.00! How did I miss that? The deadline for submitting is over.

Anyway, take some summer time and browse the huge collection of entries posted on YouTube. You can search with the theme, “I love my library”. You may find something useful for your classes this fall…or simply something to smile with. Voting for the best video ends today (6/11/07), but you can still look at the videos. Kent Denver has an entry. I did not see any other Colorado groups, but maybe one of you will see one and share it with the rest of us?

What better way to integrate technology with classes than to produce or evaluate library videos? Hmmm…I feel a goal accomplishment getting close!


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